HaGaon HaChassid Rabbi Meir Elituv, Shlita

The driving force behing the Rambam Pardes HaMelech project is HaGaon HaChassid Rabbi Meir Elituv, Shlita, who together with a team of Torah scholars (avreichim) and Torah lecturers (maggidei shiurim), stusy, edit and determine the exact placement of the Rebbe’s commentary in the Rambam text. Accompanying them is a team of leading rabbis who provide guidance and counsel:

Rabbi Michael Halperin Shlita
Rabbi Tuvia Blai Shlita
and Rabbi Shalom Rabinovitch Shlita

The entire project was carried out with the advance approval of Kehot (Chabad Publishing)
Rabbi Elituv has spent decades disseminating the Rebbe’s teachings to the Torah-learning public.
For more than ten years, Rabbi Elituv has published study aids and pamphlets for students of the Daf Yomi,
including the Rebbe’s Hadran on various tractates. Rabbi Elituve has authored several books on the Rebbe’s teachings and approach to Torah study, which received broad acclaim and enjoy wide circulation in the Torah world, particularly by followers of Derech Chabad.
He is famous for his book “The Teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe,” the only book of its kind for research and study of the Rebbe’s unique Torah approach.

About four years ago, Rabbi Elituv began authoring the Rebbe’s commentary on Maimonides within the weekly 
“D’var HaMalchut” publication under the heading– “Points from the Holy Sichos.” Since then, he has published more than 500 of the Rebbe’s sichos and novellae in various pamphlets.

Rabbi Elituv’s great love for the Rebbe’s Torah is evident inevery line of his books, as he illuminates the unique characteristics of the Rebbe’s teachings with an artist’s hand. In the preface to one of his books, he writes “The Rebbe’s teachings are unprecedented within our People’s holy books, in that they are the brainchild of a single man; they have not been matched in their vast scope and special structure; nor in their gentleness and temper, nor in the startlingly bright rays of genius that emerge from within, showing the spark of Divine inspiration“.

Many books have been written about miracles that occurred at the Rebbe’s study table.
We must remember, however, that the greatest wonder of all took place every single day at his study table, within the confines of his modest little room, a truly great miracle for our People: the miracle of the Rebbe’s unprecedented body of Torah innovation. Each of his sichos is a miracle of spiritual vision and a wonder of ingenious scholarship, and all of them together are a definitive testimony to the well-known concept, “the Shechina speaks from within his throat.”