Pardes HaMelech is a luxurious series printed and bound to the highest standard of quality, making study a joy. The Halachic text appears with Hebrew vowelization and with beautiful clarity, with textual errata corrected with precision according to the versions accepted by the Rebbe and with his emendations . All major commentaries appear on the page in clear block letters; a clear guide to the three-tracks of daily study established by the Rebbe is incorporated in the body of the text.

The Pardes Hamelech series includes seven volumes:

The first volume, Mada-Ahava, was published in Kislev 5780. Two  additional volumes will be published in time for the start of the 40th daily study cycle later this month: Z’manim and Nashim-Kedusha.

It takes one 40 years to fully understand the teachings of his Master.”

Following years of research, writing and editing, the decision was made to focus every effort on completing the printing of the entire Pardes Hamelech series in honor of the 40th cycle of the Daily Study of Rambam, as mandated by the Rebbe’s sacred takana. The remaining four volumes will be published in conjunction with the three-chapter-per-day track of Rambam study, with the entire series complete by the end of the 40th cycle in Tammuz 5781.


There could be no time more suitable than these auspicious days between Gimel Tammuz and 18 Tammuz – the start of the 40th cycle – to give the Rebbe’s commentary on Maimonides its rightful place among the greatest of Maimonides’ commentators.

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