We are nearing the start of the 41th study cycle of daily Rambam study- and we can now do so with the Rebbe as our guide! As the Talmud states, “It takes one 40 years to fully understand the teachings of his Master.”

It is with a sense of joy that after years of delving into the Rebbe’s holy sichos, the Rebbe’s collection of shiurim and commentary on the Rambam, delivered over half a century,  is finally being published in concise, on-the-spot form.

The Rebbe’s sichos and commentary bring an innovative, in-depth, and as-yet unexplored perspective to those who study the Rambam. The entire seven-volume series is a game-changer; it represents a true revolution in our current Torah collection.

Over the years, the Rebbe wrote thousands of chidushim and commentaries on the Rambam, but these remained scattered throughout his many books and writings: from with the Rebbe’s correspondence with world leaders in his youth, to his notes and glosses, responsa to questions on the Rambam that flowed in from all over the world; and of course, from many tens of thousands of hours of lectures, discussions and conversations where he compared, explained and expounded the Rambam with eye-opening clarity-  all in the revolutionary, innovative and insightful style of the Rebbe.

All of this has been compiled and rewritten in the Rebbe’s vibrant, concise language based on many of his books: The Rishimot (Transcripts of the Rebbe’s talks in Hebrew), Collection of Sichos, Torat Menachem, Yayin Malchut (containing the sichos following the Takana of 5766), and Igrot HaKodesh.

This is a crowning  achievement, illuminating Maimonides’ approach and code of law in a new, brilliant light – Pardes HaMelech.